Download and Install Canon Softwares

In the year 2022, It will launch various new models of printers. All printers in 2022 are all-in-one printers. The all-in-one printers can fax, Print, Scan, and Copy in a single device. So they are multifunctional. Then the printers are available in Wireless and Wired connections too. The wireless connection is via WPS and LAN connections. The WPS requires a wifi router for the connection.

And for the wireless connection, there is a need for a driver or software. If one needs to transfer the document soft copy into a hard print copy, then the software or driver is a must. Driver or software is the connection between the printer and the devices like Windows, Mac, tablets, Smartphones, etc. So downloading and installing a driver for wireless connection is a must. Following is more information about Canon printer software or driver.

Things to Do Before Installing the Canon Software or Driver

Following are the things to do before downloading and installing the software of Canon;

  • Before downloading the software, check the model number of the printer and the model number behind the printer and inside the printer manual.
  • Then select the Operating system before downloading the software.
  • Check the wireless connection of the Canon printer with wifi.
  • Then check the device compatibility with the software.
  • Check whether previous or old software is still installed or not.
  • If it is installed, then uninstall it first and then install the new software.
  • Update the device’s system first.
  • Keep the device in the range of the wifi.
  • If the website doesn’t work on the browser, then go to the history and clean all the history. And again, try to search the website on the browser.
  • Before downloading and installing the software, close all the tabs and other applications on your device.
  • Use an advanced web browser to search the canon website and download the software.

Steps to Download Canon Software

Downloading the driver is the most important part. Two websites are used to download the software for Canon, i.e., ij.start.Canon and The software must give commands to the printer to print, scan, and copy. Following is the process to download the software of Canon;

  • Open the browser of the device.
  • In the browser, search for the link ij.start.Canon or
  • Now click on the setup option for ij website users.
  • And click on the Download and Drivers option for USA website users.
  • Now enter the model number of your Canon printer.
  • And click on the Go option.
  • Then select the model number of your printer from the drop-down list.
  • And then follow the connection process of the printer.
  • Now select the operating system.
  • And then click on the Download option.
  • The downloading of the driver will begin.
  • Check the Downloads for the downloaded setup of Canon software.
  • That’s it.

Steps to Install the Canon Software

Following are the steps to install the canon software;

  • Go to your downloads folder.
  • Then search for the downloaded canon software.
  • Now open the canon software by the open button on the right click to the setup.
  • If the windows or the mac device asks you permission to install, then provide it with the permission.
  • Then wait for the setup to appear.
  • The first page will consist of the agreement and privacy policy tab.
  • Here you need to click on the link provided to view the privacy policy and terms of the canon app.
  • Then you need to tick the checkbox and click on the continue button.
  • This will take you to the next step.
  • In this step, you need to select the location on your device to install the setup.
  • The default location will be selected as the c drive on your desktop.
  • So if you need to change it, you must go to the browse button and select the location.
  • Then after this, again click on the continue button.
  • This step will confirm the connectivity of your canon printer to the device.
  • If your device is not connected to the canon printer, do it fast.
  • Then click on the install button.
  • Wait for a few seconds to finish the installation process.
  • So in this way, your canon printer is now ready to take the printouts.

What Connection Methods are Available to Connect the Canon Printer with the Device?

There are two connection methods available, and they are as follows;

Wired connectivity

The wired connectivity consists of a USB wire. You need to connect the USB wire to the device, i.e., PC, Laptop, and iPad, and at the same time, you need to connect the other end of the USB cable to the canon printer USB port. The canon printer USB port is beside the power port on the back side of your canon printer.

Wireless connectivity

This connectivity is established with the help of the wifi router. You must connect your device to the wifi router first. Then the connection of the canon printer with the wifi router is necessary. This can be established with the help of two systems. The first is with the help of the WPS button of the router. The second is with the help of the LAN settings. Both are straightforward processes. So in this way, you can connect your canon printer to the device wirelessly with the use of the wifi router.

How to Take the Printout Using my Canon Printer

First, you need a stable connection between the canon printer with your device. You can check the connection by visiting the control panel, device, and preference settings. Then it would help if you had a pdf or a file to take a printout. Then follow the steps given below;

  • Open the file.
  • Then press the “Ctrl +P,” and the print screen opens.
  • Select the number of pages as per your need.
  • Also, select the page you need to print from the document.
  • Select the printer and the paper size.
  • Then finally, click on the print button.
  • Insert the pages into the printer tray, and your printout will be ready in a few seconds.