Canon MX490 Printer Setup

What are the next-generation technology printers? The printers of advanced technology from the old ones are known as next-generation technology printers. Before the next generation of technology, the printers were connected via Wire or USB cable. But the next generation printers can now be connected Wirelessly and Wired. These printers of next-generation technology are also called all-in-one printers.

The same is true for the Canon MX490 printer. The Canon MX490 is the next-generation printer with all-in-one technology. All-in-one means it can perform Printing, Copying, Scanning, and faxing. Canon MX490 is also an inkjet printer where the printing ink is like jet sprayer form. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It has various modes like Automatic scanning, quiet, Airprint mode, fine ink cartridge, etc. Following is the detailed setup of the Canon MX490 printer;

What is the basic setup of the Canon MX490 printer?

The Canon printer is compatible with every device; that’s why the Canon MX490 printer is flexible. Following are the basic steps to set up the Canon MX490 printer;

  • Unboxing of the Canon MX490.
  • Wireless setup of Canon MX490.
  • Driver downloading process for Canon MX490.
  • The driver installation process for Canon MX490.
  • Test print process or Add print process.

These are the basic steps to set up the Canon MX490 printer. Following is a detailed explanation of the steps of the setup of the Canon MX490 printer;

Unboxing process of Canon MX490:-

Unboxing of the Canon printer consists of things we get with the printer that is with the Canon MX490 printer. Following is the unboxing process;

  • Take out the Canon MX490 printer from the box.
  • Then keep the printer in a safe place.
  • Now there will be tapes on the printer.
  • Remove all the tapes.
  • The user will get the Power cable with the printer.
  • Then you will get a Manual book as a guide.
  • Then two cartridges are also available with the product.
  • Fix the cartridges as shown in the Manual.
  • Then open the tray and slide the papers inside the tray.
  • Now connect the power cable to the printer’s back side and turn on the printer.
  • Here the printer is set.

Wireless setup of Canon MX490 printer:-

The Canon MX490 printer is wireless as well as wired connectivity. There are two ways of connecting the printer wirelessly. One uses using WPS method, and the other is the LAN setup method. Following is the wireless setup of the Canon MX490;

canon MX490 Printer
  • If you have WiFi, then use the WPS method.
  • Now turn on the printer and go to the control screen or panel.
  • From there, select turn on the WiFi searching signal.
  • Now go to the WiFi router and press and hold the WPS button of the router.
  • Now the WiFi will start.
  • Then go to the printer and select the WiFi network.
  • And then enter the password of WiFi.
  • That’s it; the wireless printer setup via WPS is all set.

Now we will see for LAN wireless connection;

  • Turn on your Canon MX490 printer.
  • Then go to the screen of the printer.
  • Then click on the Setup button.
  • Now a menu will display.
  • From there, select the Wireless LAN Menu.
  • Use the keyboard keys or touch screen press to operate the printer.
  • Now press the OK button.
  • There go to the Other setup option.
  • And then click on the OK button.
  • Then click on the Cableless Setup and click on the OK button.
  • Here the connection will begin.
  • That’s it.

Download the driver or Software for the Canon MX490 printer.

Various drivers are available according to the model number of the printer. Following is the process to download the driver for Canon MX490;

  • Open the browser of your device.
  • The browser you will open must be of the device to which you will connect the printer.
  • Now, in the browser’s search tab, type
  • And search for the link.
  • Then click on the Setup option from the Home page of the setup.
  • Now enter the model number of the printer as MX490.
  • Then click on the Go option.
  • Now select the operating system that is Windows or Mac.
  • Or it will automatically select the operating system.
  • After that, follow the connection process.
  • And then click on the Download option.
  • Now downloading of the driver setup will begin.
  • That’s it.

Installing of Canon MX490 printer driver setup for Windows/Mac:-

After the successful downloading of the driver of the Canon MX490 printer, the installation will begin. Different installation processes are for Mac and Windows devices. Following is the process to install the driver setup of Canon MX490;

  • Go to the downloads.
  • There double click on the setup.
  • Then click on the Run option for windows users.
  • Click on the Launch option for Mac users.
  • After that, the agreement and license page will open.
  • Tick in the Agree box and click on the Yes option.
  • Then the installation will begin.
  • For Mac users, enter the ID and password Mac and then Install the Software.
  • After that, the connection will start.
  • Connect the device to the same WiFi of the printer.
  • And then connect the printer and device.
  • After the connection, the next page will open.
  • On the next page, you have to go for the installation of other driver or software applications.
  • Wait till the installation completes.
  • That’s it; the Canon MX490 printer driver installation for Windows and Mac is all set.

Test print process/Add print process from Canon MX490:-

After installing the driver or Software of Canon MX490, the next process is to take a test print. To test print or add a print, follow the steps below;

  • After installation, the next page will open.
  • There click on the Test print option.
  • Now the test print page will open.
  • Then the preview of the page will open.
  • There you can try to customize the page if the option is available.
  • Then click on the Take a Test print option.
  • Now the printing will process.
  • After that, go to the document or image.
  • Press the Ctrl+P keys.
  • Then customize the size and number of prints.
  • Then click on the Print option.
  • The print process will begin.
  • That’s it test print from Canon MX490 printer is successful.