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Ij.start.canon is the web link to download and install the driver of Canon inkjet printers. Printers are the most evolutionary invention today in the field of it. The pen and paperwork are nearby reduced with the help of the printers. Along with this revolution, canon also evolves its printers and launces in the market. In the past few decades, canon has actually ruled the printer kingdom. The printers are of bright quality and the installation of the drivers to the canon printers is also easy. So after you purchase the canon printer follow the steps given below to complete the ij start canon setup.

How to set up my Ij.start.canon printer?

There are various steps involved in the canon printer setup and these follow a specific protocol which is explained below.

  • First of all, you need to purchase a perfect canon printer model for your work and requirement.
  • Unbox the canon printer safely.
  • Now check for any damage to the hardware part.
  • Connect the Canon printer to your device either by the wired or wireless method.
  • Now download the canon printer drivers.
  • Install the driver.
  • Make a printout to confirm the successful connection.

All these steps are explained in detail below.


How to download the drivers of my canon printer?

Downloading the Canon printer drivers is quite easy and starts as;

  • Turn on your devices such as Windows or MAC.
  • Then open up the internet browser of your device.
  • Navigate to the search bar and here type ij.start.canon Setup.
  • Now you will reach the official website of canon printer drivers.
  • Click on the setup button present at the first number in red font.
  • Now on the next page, select the model number of your printer.
  • Here you can select it in three different ways i.e. by entering the model number, by selecting the initial letter, and by selecting the series.
  • You get the model on the manual cards.
  • Now, on the next page, you will get a download button.
  • Press the download button and wait for the download to start.
  • Now as per your internet speed the downloading will accomplish.
  • Follow the below-given instructions to complete the remaining steps.

How to connect my canon printer to various devices?

Actually, there are two methods provided by the canon i.e. wired and wireless. The wired connection is given for devices that do not support the wifi connection. Now here are the steps given for both the connections.

Wired connection:

  • After you unbox the ij.start.canon printer, the USB wire is given in the box itself.
  • So take out the cable and then plug the wire into the USB port of your printer.
  • The other end must go into the USB port of your device.
  • Now, generally, the USB port is available for laptops and PCs.
  • So you can connect the nearby device using the wired connection.
  • To check the connectivity go to the control panel.
  • In the devices and printers section, you will be able to locate your printer.

Wireless connection:

The wireless connection takes place with the help of the router as a mediator. So the device supporting the wifi connectivity only can be connected using this method. So for such devices follow the steps given below;

  • Firstly, reset all the settings of your printer and be ready with the router.
  • On the printer, press the “Direct” button and hold for a few seconds.
  • Now the light present on your printer will start blinking.
  • This means that your printer is ready to connect to the router.
  • Then press the menu bar or settings option present on the ij.start.canon dashboard.
  • In the settings, scroll down till you see the network settings.
  • Press ok for the network settings.
  • Then go to the WLAN option.
  • Here again, you need to select the wireless option.
  • The router or wifi connections available nearby your device will display.
  • Select your network.
  • Enter the password.
  • Now insert the paper into the paper tray.
  • Then press the connect button.
  • The printer will automatically take a printout.
  • This will confirm the successful connection.
  • Then also connect your device to the same network.

How to install the Canon drivers on my printer?

To install the canon printer drivers, you need to follow some small steps given below;

  • After you download the Canon printer drivers, go to the downloads page of the same browser.
  • Here click on the downloaded file and then click on the Run as administrator option.
  • The pop-up window appearing will ask you to grant permission to install the application.
  • Press the yes button to give permission for installation.
  • Firstly, the initialization will work for the first few seconds.
  • Then the setup window appears.
  • Sometimes, the unzipping process also takes place.
  • Then the software finds outs the necessary tools.
  • Now as soon as the setup window appears, select the language and then press the next button.
  • Here the processing will take place and you will reach the next page.
  • Then select the continent and then the country of your residence.
  • Press the next button subsequently.
  • Select the drivers and tick the checkbox present in front of the drivers.
  • Here we recommend you select all the checkboxes.
  • Press the next button.
  • Now read the agreement window appearing and then press the I Agree button.
  • Press the next button and this will start the installation.
  • The installation will take some time depending on your processor speed.
  • Now restart your device and then take a printout using the ij.start.canon setup driver.

How to Install the Canon printer on my android smartphone?

To start with the installation on your android smartphone make note that here you will firstly need to connect a canon printer with a wireless connection. 

  • Turn on your android or iOS smartphone.
  • Then open the play store on android phones or the app store on iOS.
  • Search for the canon utility application.
  • Press the Install button or the get button.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Open the application.
  • Give various permissions to the application.
  • Then click on the add button.
  • Here you will see the Canon printer in the list appearing.
  • Select it and then connect it.
  • Now you can take a printout using the wireless method on your android or iOS smartphone.

This is all about ij.start.canon.